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This year, the Yale School of Management will once again require all its MBA applicants to participate in a video interview as part of the 2014/2015 application process. The rationale, according to Admissions Director Bruce DelMonico who introduced video essays in 2013, is that, “one-on-one interviews, while important, do not do the best job of gauging an applicant’s ability to think on his feet. Responses are polished, and one interviewer’s impressions may not be shared by everyone on the admissions team. Video responses can be compared with those of other applicants and reviewed by multiple team members. Since the questions are not known in advance, responses can’t be scripted.”

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Jun 18, 2017 - EssaySnark's 2017-'18 MBA Admissions Essay Guide for Yale
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“The reference to Professor Wrzesniewski’s is a great hint for applicants,” says Betsy Massar, founder of , a leading MBA admissions firm. “It underscores how much Yale values emotional intelligence in its assessment of emerging leaders. They see your values and commitment as part of the same measure of your character.”

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Last week, we at mbaMission joined forces with our friends at Manhattan Prep to host an online Q&A session with Bruce DelMonico, the assistant dean for admissions at the Yale School of Management (SOM), and Amanda Carlson, the assistant dean of admissions at Columbia Business School. At this exclusive event, DelMonico and Carlson shared their …

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The best MBA admission essays here will focus on one example of sustained influence, not several of slightly less impact. Choose an organization that has meant a lot to you, either as an employer or in your personal life. Preferably, choose an organization in which you have had a leadership role, officially or unofficially.

Then, carefully list all of the ways that you have impacted that organization. Have you been able to increase its profitability or economic viability? Have you changed its culture? Have you helped the organization achieve a major goal, or set new goals for the future? If you were to ask someone within the organization what your impact had been, what would they say? These questions should give you some idea of what you want to write about.

After brainstorming, choose one-two themes that best encompass your influence on the organization, and select examples to solidify your themes. Where possible, include numbers that can concretely show your impact. Outline your influence clearly in your essay, beginning with your initial involvement, showing a progression, and stating the results of your efforts. Consider, also, sharing how the organization has influenced your life and shaped how you will approach your future, including your time as a student at Yale.Thank you for your interest in applying to the Yale MBA for Executives program. If you have questions about the program and would like to determine if the Yale MBA for Executives is right for you, please submit your profile to receive personalized feedback from our admissions team. Applications will be considered during three different rounds throughout the year. Once we have received your submitted application and the round deadline has passed, your application will be reviewed. Successful candidates will move to the interview stage of the admissions process, and will spend a day interviewing on campus. Admissions decisions will be made—and decision letters sent—following these interviews. Students accepted to the program are not officially enrolled until a $5,000 non-refundable deposit is received. For additional information or application questions, contact .

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Are you applying to Columbia Business School (CBS) or the Yale School of Management (SOM)? If so, you will not want to miss this chance to learn from the schools’ very own admissions officers! On May 10, 2017, mbaMission’s founder/president, Jeremy Shinewald, will facilitate a two-hour webinar for the final installment of our five-part series: “Your Dream MBA: 5 Steps to Getting In.” From 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. EDT, Jeremy will take and share questions from attendees, while Bruce DelMonico (assistant dean and director of admissions at Yale SOM) and Amanda Carlson (assistant dean of admissions at CBS) offer invaluable insight and advice.

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The online MBA application for the 2016-2017 admissions season is live, meaning that the Yale SOM MBA recommendation questions are available to applicants and their recommenders. Recommenders are asked to rate the applicant on a series of skills and professional abilities, and to provide a written recommendation addressing four required questions.

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We continue with our Essay Topic Analysis, as . For the second year running, Yale MBA hopefuls are required to respond to a 500-word essay about their biggest commitment. Admissions Director Bruce DelMonico commented that the Yale MBA adcom developed this “seemingly simple and straightforward question” essay prompt in collaboration with a professor of organizational behavior at SOM.