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The secondary application involves answering several essay type questions. Schools ask different questions and may change questions from year to year. Questions asked may be related to the field of medicine and your goals. For example, you may be asked why you want to be a physician or why you want to attend that particular med school. Other questions may pertain to your ultimate career goals. Some schools ask questions unrelated to the field of medicine. For instance, you may be asked to discuss an accomplishment, talk about an inspirational book you have read or write about your hero.

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Applications for Medical School · Three Secondary Essays To Pre-Write.
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If you have not yet applied to medical school, you may be asking, “What on earth is a secondary essay and why would medical schools want more information from me?” After submitting your primary application, each medical school will ask you to complete a secondary application. Most medical schools, in addition to asking for an additional fee, will also ask you to write an additional essay or multiple additional essays that vary in length and focus.

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Dont’ worry, your writing is likely still very useful! There is a large overlap of content between most of the secondaries, so writing for one may be a small adaptation away from being used in a different secondary essay. For example, one of the most common secondary questions is about the diversity you bring to a medical school (or some general statement on diversity). Many schools ask this question, but may differ slightly in focus or character count. If you write a great core essay defining and distinguishing your diversity, you can simply modify it to suit the needs of multiple secondary applications. Quality is very important on secondaries, so if you generate strong content, use it in as many secondaries as you can.

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Let’s face it, secondary essays are a hassle. Who knew you had to write so much to get into medical school? If you apply to 25 schools, you could easily have over 50 secondary essays to write. Most applicants wisely create ten to fifteen secondary essays that answer the most common questions and then cut and paste the appropriate answer into the specific application at hand. This results in using similar answers for different schools, which is completely acceptable. However, pasting the Harvard answer (with the Harvard name) into the Yale application will not win you any friends in New Haven. When utilizing similar essays for different schools’ secondary essay answers, make sure you check the details of each essay and ensure they pertain to the correct school. It is more than just embarrassing to detail how much you look forward to working in Dr. Cho’s behavioral science lab at the University of Nebraska when Dr. Cho actually works at UCSF. Proof every essay to avoid tanking your application with such a silly and easily avoidable mistake.

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July is an incredibly busy month in the medical school application process. This is the time when secondary applications are in full swing. Having read thousands of secondary application essays over my career, which has spanned almost 25 years, I have tips for writing the best possible secondary essays:

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Secondary applications arrive fast and furious soon after the primary AMCAS application is transmitted to the medical schools. It’s important to return secondary applications quickly since an application is not considered complete until the secondary has been received. The suggested time window for returning a secondary application is within two weeks of receiving it. Do the math—if an applicant applies to 20 schools, that’s 20 applications to complete within two weeks, all with several essays to write. Let’s say the average secondary application has three to four essays–that’s 60-80 essays. Writing that many essays in a short period of time obviously creates a tremendous amount of work.