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The Common Application will prompt you to answer one of five essay questions. Your response should be approximately 250-650 words and demonstrate your ability to express yourself in a clear, organized manner. This will help admission counselors get to know you and assess how well you might fit in at USC.

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so this is my essay that i have been working on for my usc admission.

We find these elements through your essay and short-answer responses, in your course selection, extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation.We also pay attention to your personal narrative, background and circumstances, realizing that each student is unique. Your application will paint a picture of you and how you might contribute to the community, tradition and spirit that make USC the dynamic place it is. No. USC is need-blind in its admission process—a student’s financial need will never influence an admission decision. In fact, nearly two-thirds of undergraduate students at USC receive financial aid.

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This essay evaluates two main things: what your career plans are as an engineer, and how much you have researched and looked into USC engineering. First off, you want to talk about what you would do with your engineering degree, specifically with respect to how that degree would “benefits society,” because they want to see whether or not you should be put into the engineering school. If you put a second major as non-Viterbi school of engineering, this essay can be a large factor in whether or not they accept you into Viterbi or some other school like Dornsife College of LSA. While your career plans may be the same no matter what engineering program you enter at whatever school, an engineering education at USC is unique, and the admissions will want to see if you know facts about USC engineering and know what you can get out of specific programs at the Viterbi school of engineering. So, do your research and mention professors you can collaborate with (be specific, name-drop only if the professor is actually relevant to you and what you want to do) or programs you can join at USC that will help you in the long run. Much like the other USC essays, this prompt is straightforward, so be clear and be bold in how you believe your career plans and engineering goals will change the world.

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The people who are out in the field recruiting applicants are rarely venerable educators who drive and shape the educational objectives of the school. In many cases, the front line of the admissions process is a cadre of relatively low-paid twentysomethings. Ultimately, the USC/Education Conservancy event did little to change the status quo at selective colleges. The admissions mania has, arguably, only gotten worse. Students today still spend months and sometimes even years of grueling work to secure a spot, spending thousands on test prep and college consultants, drafting essays and enrolling in all kinds of extracurriculars, just to get into the running. And at the other end of all that work is what many critics describe as a lottery—even the most qualified students are merely gambling to get in.

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The University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business has made some fairly notable changes from the single essay prompt it has used the past two application seasons. This year, the school poses two essay questions (required), and rather than asking candidates about their short- and long-term goals and how they expect Marshall to provide the necessary resources to help achieve them, it requests that applicants clearly outline just their immediate short-term aspiration, with no specific reference to the Marshall program and little room for further discussion. Candidates must focus on the Marshall program in the school’s second required essay but are tasked with addressing how they expect to contribute to the MBA experience, rather than what the school can do for them. Overall, the queries are largely straightforward, and applicants should be able to rather painlessly provide what the admissions committee is seeking. Read on for our further analysis of the program’s prompts for this season.

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The written elements (Essay, Short Answers and Quick Takes) give you the opportunity to speak directly to the admission committee in your own voice. USC carefully reads and considers everything submitted, so make sure to use a style and vocabulary with which you are comfortable. This is your chance to tell us more about yourself, outside of numbers, GPA’s, and test scores. Take your time answering the questions appropriately and letting us know more about you and your interests and passions.