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While The Common App essay prompts are the same, the UC questions are TOTALLY different. The directions are to answer four of the eight questions and limit your responses to 350 words each. Here they are:

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Math and science teacher Michael Lordan went to schools within the area growing up, finishing his primary education at Cupertino High School. He attended UC Davis, and although he doesn’t exactly recall the details of his application prompt, he does remember the stress he felt while writing his college essays. And as someone whose strengths lie in the maths and sciences, he feels like the new change with short answer questions would have helped to reduce his stress when applying.

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College essays have become synonymous with college applications. But recently, the UC system changed its college essay prompts, completely replacing the essay altogether, saying that it’s their hope that the new format will offer students “clearer guidance and more flexibility in the kind of information you want to share with us.”

The Common Application used to have one of its prompts as “Topic of Choice,” so it was easy to use one of the UC essays for that prompt.
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As a writer who helps college-bould students with their essays, I can see pluses and minuses to the new UC prompts.

One of the pluses is that the questions should take some of the mystery out of what the admission office "wants." The questions are straightforward, which makes it easier to come up with direct answers. The need for an artful personal essay, a form not taught in most high schools, is reduced.

On the other hand, the prompts mean more work for many. Students who are applying to UC schools and other colleges will need to write these four essays and the longer personal essay required for the Common Application and the new Coalition application.

Not that students have much choice. The only choice is to make sure to accept that in the college application process the essays can make a big difference, a topic I take up at greater length here:

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Admission Directors were concerned about the existing prompts

The new format aims to give applicants a greater say in the kind of information they want to share with us. Students can express who they are and what matters to them not only in how they respond to the questions, but also through their selection of questions.

At the same time, the new personal questions provide students with better direction and focus on topics that are important to campuses. It also reduces the chances that students will take a generic essay that they’ve created for other colleges or class assignments and simply transpose it to the UC application. Rather, it will help applicants use the application to its fullest by letting their own voices come through.

We hope that by giving them more choice and clearer guidance, students will have a better understanding of what is expected of them in this process.