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It is always a pleasure to read a “funny” essay. A unique topic or approach is often refreshing to a college admissions officer who has been reading applications all day. Further, an unusual or off-beat essay is an excellent way to show your creativity. However, you should not attempt to be funny if this is not your natural personality or voice. Your comfort level as a writer is a serious factor in the success of your essay. The more natural you sound the better.

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It is important that you research the essay requirements for every college on your application list. While many colleges will accept a Common Application essay, some colleges have specific essay topics which must be addressed by every applicant. Since Lewis & Clark uses the Common Application exclusively, please use one of the following essay topics when applying:

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The current , CA4, launched on August 1st, 2013, have been expanded and revised for the 2017-18 college application cycle. Two new essay options have been added, and some of the old questions have been revised. When CA4 launched, one of the biggest changes from the previous version was the essay section. Gone were the from the past decade, and college applicants no longer had the Topic of Your Choice option.

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Start writing down all of your essay ideas that come from your brainstorming sessions. Revisit the list every time you have a new idea and see what topics still resonate with you and which don’t. Sometimes a college application essay topic that sounded great a few days ago looses its luster after thinking about it for a while – or a new and better idea comes along. Don’t jump into writing right away while brainstorming college admission essay topics. Take some time to think about them and then move forward with those that speak to you the most.

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The fact that a student has taken the time and put in the effort to help others is wonderful, and it should be celebrated. However, service work as a college application topic is a cliche because admissions officers see it over and over again. To a high school student, a month spent helping to build schools in a developing country may seem like a unique story and one that only they have to tell. To an admissions board, however, this essay topic is all too common.

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An undoubtedly important part your entire college application packet is the . This component is integral to many college's decision-making processes for several reasons. One, it shows the representatives on the college’s admissions board that you are able to put your thoughts together – through the written word – in an organized, creative, and grammatically-correct manner; it demonstrates you have a grasp of the English language. Second, the essay is the only time other than the in-person interview where you have the opportunity to share some personal and interesting information; the essay is the place to show the admissions office your personality. Third, the essay can significantly separate you from all the other student candidates vying for acceptance into the college; it’s the opportunity for you to show how you will fit in with the college culture and be an asset to the school. Topics: