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Temple admissions officials note that a candidate’s academic record, GPA, class rank, and standardized test scores are the most important factors in the admissions process. Other factors include an applicant’s character, alumni relation, application essay, extracurricular activities, recommendations, work experience, talents, and volunteer work.

Temple’s admissions process is holistic, and the committee will consider a student's entire academic history. The University requires students to have at least a 3.0 average in all college-preparatory courses.

Statement of Professional Plans and Goals (Admissions Essay)

Statement of Professional Plans and Goals (Admissions Essay).
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The Temple Option is a new admissions path for talented students who may not perform well on standardized tests. If students choose the Temple Option, they answer brief essay questions instead of submitting SAT or ACT scores. The Temple Option reflects the university’s commitment to provide talented, motivated students of all backgrounds opportunities for high-quality college experiences.

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After completing the Temple online application, applicants must complete a required drawing exercise and a written essay and must submit a portfolio for consideration for admission.

Temple University 2015–2016 Freshman Application
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To be considered for the Temple Law Scholars Program, admitted students must complete the online Temple Law Scholars application (linked below), which requires an essay responding to a specific topic assigned by the Temple Law Scholars Admissions Committee, and submit at least one letter of recommendation to the address indicated on the application. An interview may be requested.Admission to Temple University is selective, and well over a third of all applicants will not get in. Successful applicants typically have grades and standardized test scores that are at least a little above average. In the graph above, the blue and green dots represent accepted students. You can see that the majority of students who got acceptance letters had high school GPAs of 3.0 or higher, combined SAT scores of about 1000 or higher (RW+M), and ACT composite scores of 20 or higher. Having grades and test scores a bit above this lower range will improve your chances measurably. It's also important to note that you can apply to Temple using the "Temple Option"--a more holistic approach to admission that allows applicants to write a few short-answer essays rather than submit standardized test scores. Realize that most students admitted through this option have high school GPAs of 3.5 or higher.

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Qualified students who apply to any of the schools or colleges at Temple will be offered admission to the University Honors Program. No separate application is necessary. Selection criteria includes high school credentials, application essay, recommendations, and SAT I scores. See under Academic Services and Programs.

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"You now have the option of submitting your standardized test scores (SAT or ACT) or choosing the Temple Option (not sending your test scores) and answering several self-reflective, short-essay questions. Your responses provide important details in our comprehensive admissions review process and will be considered carefully by our committee. "

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To take the in Oct. 2015-Jan. 2016 it costs $54.50 per student. To take it in March-June 2016, it costs $43. The cost and availability of the test have caused critics to say it’s discriminatory to require it in the admissions process. According to the , the percentage of African American and Latino applicants at Temple has increased by 22% and 26% since they dropped the test requirement and added the essays.