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Students admitted to UECP and GECP are required to meet all admission requirements. However, they are not required to complete the entire application for admission to the teacher preparation program. In the online application, they are required to complete only the Personal Information and Application pages. They are not required to write an essay or answer questions about their experiences with children and youth or diversity. Cohort students who are denied admission as sophomores must complete the full application (including the essay) if they decide to reapply. Cohort students applying for the special education major, the elementary Mathematics teaching major, and/or to accelerate their programs must submit those additional materials (see below).

Student Teaching Application – Essay

To begin the application process for Student Teaching, please download the
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Student Teaching (Internship)
At the completion of all Secondary and endorsement coursework, candidates are recommended for a 14-week student teaching internship. The internship is an opportunity for you to develop from a teacher candidate to a professional educator, and can open doors for future employment. In order to devote full time attention to the internship, we encourage candidates not to hold jobs during this time. We understand that realistically this may not always be possible; yet, we advise against excessive time commitments that could adversely affect performance in the internship. For more information about the internship, please visit the . During the student teaching internship, the Secondary department will initiate an Application for Degree.

Essay Questions for Student Teaching Application Personal Data Sheet

Supplemental Status
Students whose overall and/or major grade point average that is .25 below the required minimum may be considered for admission through the Supplemental Application process. See the Teacher Education Admissions & Retention Department for information. Students admitted with a supplemental application are admitted provisionally with the requirement to raise the GPA to program minimums within a period of two successive semesters.

Student Teaching: Application Submission and Field Placement Process
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Write a 2 – 3 page application essay in a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word or Writer). The essay should addess addressing the following question: What makes you feel ready to student teach?
Your student teaching application is an external document that will be shared with local principals, teachers, and other school officials. It is imperative that you follow the directions closely and meet all published deadlines. It is not possible to accommodate late applications. There are three steps in the application process: 1.) completing the Tk20 application for student teaching; 2.) completing the paper application, and 3.) submitting your paper application in person to Mrs. Nancy Martin, Coordinator of Student Teaching and Licensure (ED 3124). Your application must show school officials that you are prepared for the professional responsibility of a student teaching placement. Your brief interview with Mrs. Martin will allow us to begin the placement process for you. It is possible that you will also be interviewed by a principal or other school administrator before your student teaching placement is finalized.

Student Teaching Application – Autobiography

Teacher Education programs of The University of Iowa are approved preparation programs for teaching in the state of Iowa and provide good preparation for teaching elsewhere in the United States. Successful applicants and students will have strong oral English-language competency and demonstrate knowledge of or ability to adapt to the culture of U.S. schools. For non-native speakers of English, TOEFL is required for consideration of an application, if the applicant has not completed a degree at a college or university where English is the language of instruction. International applicants are encouraged to complete the 10 Hour Pre-Admission School Field Experience in a school that offers a U.S. curriculum.

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The application to student teach includes, but is not limited to: application form, transcripts, resume, essays, and letters of recommendation. Applications to student teach must demonstrate:

This student teaching application is in four parts

The application is open during the fall semester of each year. Undergraduates are not admitted at other times of the year. All materials, including acceleration grids, applications for the elementary mathematics teaching major and other documents, are due before 5:00 p.m. on December 16, 2016. Please note that other materials are required during the admission process (e.g., after admission decisions have been communicated, students are required to return a Reply Form before a deadline). Under extreme circumstances, it is possible that materials may be accepted late. However, when that occurs late fees will be applied.