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“We are very excited about this,” Levenson said. She notes that applicants to Sloan have in fact had the opportunity for several years to submit a video as part of the application’s optional essay, and a fair number of applicants have chosen to do so. But when Technolutions Slate, a leading provider of admissions software solutions, this past year introduced a video embedded within the application, Sloan piloted it with one of its other degree programs. “We really thought we got some meaningful early data about people in terms of their presence and communication skills that was very valuable to us,” Levenson told Clear Admit. This year, the school has incorporated a video statement into the application for all of its programs.

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2016-2017 MIT Sloan Application Deadlines, Essay Alternative

I think this essay really is optional and probably doesn’t weigh very heavily on the Adcom’s decision to admit or not admit an MBA candidate to MIT Sloan. Don’t just submit this essay because you think you have to. Only submit it if it is truly adding something to your application. Remember that it takes about 20 minutes for the Adcom to review your application. By submitting this essay you’re shifting time away from other aspects of your application. Whatever you decide to do, assume that the Adcom member reviewing your application will spend 1-2 minutes looking over the optional essay. If you’re unsure, ask a friend to review your material and time them to see how long it takes.

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As you have more questions about the MIT Sloan application and essays, feel free to reach out to Vincent and myself via our link or , and we’ll reply promptly. Also, rely on MIT Sloan’s admissions Q&A, which you can find . And of course, stay tuned for more posts in our ! Finally, make sure to give our a try and let us know what you think.

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In this post I will discuss the Class of 2019 MBA application admissions essays for the MIT Sloan School of Management. You can see the my client results and testimonials .In my experience assisting MIT Sloan Fellows applicants for over a decade (Successes every year, and last year all of my MIT Sloan Fellows clients were accepted), I have seen consistently that the adcom values applicants who, among other things, demonstrate consistent outstanding impact and are on track to (“high performing” per the MIT SF website). While your application as a whole should convey these points about you, the essays are an ideal opportunity to make the case affirmatively and directly, with example and detail.Application season at MIT Sloan is officially underway with the release of the school’s 2016-2017 essay questions. Let’s discuss from a high level some early thoughts on how best to approach these new essay prompts.Just a few thoughts on the essays from Sloan – hopefully this will help you get started. For more thoughts on MIT and its application essays, check out our free .

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When approaching this set of essays, your task is to remain focused on your overall application strategy and choose the key stories that can showcase your achievements at school, work and extracurricular activities while demonstrating that you will contribute to MIT Sloan’s mission.

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Finally, your essay topic along with all other elements of your application package should be aligned with the core values of the Sloan MBA. Review these tenets before you finalize your topic and make sure you are crafting your response to this essay with these values in mind.

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What is the difference between applying through SoE and MIT Sloan? For the MIT LGO evaluation process, there is no difference. We evaluate your application using the same criteria regardless of where you submit your application.