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Once you tell us you are applying, we will be sending you an electronic version of the information form, which should be completed, printed out, signed, and two copies returned to the Health Sciences Office by January 24. It is also on our website. In it we ask you to list the names of faculty members and others from whom you will request letters of recommendation, your activities at Swarthmore, any extra burdens you have carried, jobs, and any medically related experiences. We also ask you to write an essay on why you want to be a doctor. This essay helps us to write a more personal letter on your behalf and, at the same time, prepares you to write the essay required for medical school applications.

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Every year medical schools send out predictable secondary application essay prompts like, “Why this school?” and “Describe a difficult ethical situation you encountered.” Those are the age-old essays prompts that premeds have been responding to for years, and a quick search online will turn up lots of different writing tips and essays samples that will make those essays fairly easy to write.

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Using our Medical School Scholarship Application Essay Services, you can order a sample essay based on your personal information, or submit a draft essay for review by our editors.

Sample Medical School Application Essay - Before. When I started my internal medicine training, I was not sure what I should do for my fellowship training.
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The same tips you might have received for undergraduate or job applications hold true for medical school applications. Always tell the truth and be sure to mention activities and volunteer, research, or work experiences that are most important, and if possible, occurred within the last few years. “Take your AMCAS essay questions seriously,” counsels Ms. Tise. “These essays are not creative writing exercises. You may start off with a descriptive experience, but, move quickly into how and why you want to become a physician and how this experience helped determine that. Also, proofread carefully. There are no excuses for punctuation and grammatical errors. We know you are applying to several schools, but be careful to include the correct name in secondary materials.

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