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When embarking on writing your high school application essay sample, it's normal to feel intimidated at first. A lot rides on the essay and it's easy to feel flustered with the many options you're confronted by, even when the high school provides you with direction. Below I'll provide the structure for a sample essay you can follow for your high school application. It involves and introduction, main paragraphs supporting it and then a conclusion that ties it all together.

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It is imperative that an applicants essay answers the question that is being asked of him/her in the most authentic way possible. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, many applicants approach the essay thinking more about what they believe admissions counselors want to hear than the actual question itself. This is the one part of the application that will tell your story. A high school transcript and standardized test scores tell one story. You took these courses, you got these grades. You took this test, you got this score. The essay is your opportunity to share your voice, your vision, your potential. Some things to keep in mind...1. Follow directions. 500 words means 500 words. 2. Proofread, Proofread, and then when you have time Proofread again3. Share you essay with a friend and/or teacher and ask for feedback4. Answer the question thoroughly. For example, ff the essay asks you to write about a person in your life who influenced you and how they did, make sure at the end of the essay, an admissions representative knows more about you than the person you chose to write about. Remember this is YOUR application, not the person who has influenced you. 5. Be sure you type your essay and include any application number that you may have received6. Keep in mind that your short answer questions(if applicable) are also important components to your application. The short answer questions should be given the same amount of time and attention as your essay. Remember, all parts of your application count!

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College admissions essays definitely do not need to be so fraught or serious. The (fairly elite) college I went to accepted me with an essay about the hardships of finding a prom date when you attend an all-girls’ high school and are a huge dork. Another student in my year–allegedly–wrote his essay on a sneaker. I worked high school admissions for a few years and I can tell you it can be super boring looking over the same cookie cutter applications. A little humor–as long as it’s well written–can go a long long way.

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An application essay should demonstrate who you are

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