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I just submitted my application to Rutgers and I made sure to review the essay for formatting and typos. Everything was fine and I went ahead. After submitting, I pressed the review application button and when looking through my essay, all of the quotation marks, ellipses, and apostrophes I used turned into upside down question marks. I have a 3.82 GPA (17 honors/AP courses), strong EC's, and at 2230 SAT score. Do you think that this odd formatting error that their system made would impact my chance of admission? What should I do to follow up?

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: The formatting snafu is probably not unique to your application and thus I suspect that the Rutgers admission folks are used to navigating their way through it ... or it may not even appear on the essay version that they see. However, it can be very annoying to read text that is rife with crazy symbols. So I suggest that you snail-mail a hard "clean" copy of your essay to Rutgers and explain why you're doing it. This will show a little extra effort on your part and, if ALL the essays are arriving at Rutgers with the crazy typos, the admission officials might be grateful to read an essay that doesn't require a Dick Tracy decoder ring (which you're surely too young to remember). But don't worry about this affecting your admission decision, because it won't.

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Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is committed to diversity in its student body. We believe that a diverse student body contributes to the educational program of all students. With increased emphasis on small group learning and self-directed learning, the opportunity to understand health and disease, physician-patient relationship, impact of culture on patient care and similar issues are enhanced by having as diverse a student body. Selection and recruitment is based on a holistic review of each applicant’s experiences, accomplishments, personal qualities and potential to enhance the learning environment. Information from the academic record, life history, letters of recommendation, personal essay and interview provide the basis of this review. The medical schools commitment to students is broad and wide-ranging, beginning with pre-application counseling and advocacy until graduation. The Academic Advancement Program is a major component of the comprehensive services available at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. A four-week pre-matriculation summer program affords the opportunity for students who qualify to fine-tune their study skills and test taking strategies. These services are awarded to economically or educationally disadvantaged students. Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is consistently rated among the top schools for its recruitment, retention and graduation of minority and disadvantaged students. The Interview Process: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Multiple Mini Interviews Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Multiple Mini Interview Stations (MMI) were adapted from the Multiple Mini Interview format developed at McMaster University Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine in Ontario. The Admissions Committee voted to implement the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School-MMI in the summer of 2010. The MMI consists of a series of seven interview “stations” or encounters which last eight minutes each. Each station has one member of the Admissions Committee and each student will be evaluated by seven different Admissions Committee members. The stations may be comprised of scenarios which do not test or assess scientific knowledge but will focus on issues such as communication, ethics, service, critical thinking and adaptability.

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We seek a diverse student body to bring to the classroom varying experiences and backgrounds. Rutgers Business School — Newark and New Brunswick admits those students who, in the opinion of the Graduate Admissions Committee, show promise of succeeding in the program. Primary consideration is given to the applicant’s scholastic record and the GRE or GMAT score. Other considerations include professional work experience, professional appraisals, civic leadership and extracurricular participation, responses on the application form, and the essay.

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I really needed help proofreading my essay. I need to send it in within the next few days and I was hoping someone could help. I was also going to tweak it a little bit and use it as my personal statement for my Rutgers Application.