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Ross School of BusinessIn their MBA admission essays, Ross School of Business asks MBA applicants to share their top professional and personal. In their MBA admission essays, Ross School of Business asks MBA applicants to share their top professional and personal accomplishments. Find links to Michigan Ross MBA essay tips, admissions consulting. Explore different aspects of the Michigan Ross School of Business in the Michigan. Ross School of Business - Official SiteRoss Admissions Portfolio; Preferred Admission; University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Receives Top.

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Soojin Kwon Koh, director of admissions at Michigan’s Ross School of Business
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Michigan Ross School of Business Releases 2017-2018 MBA Admissions ..

Soojin Kwon, who leads MBA admissions at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, began her by suggesting that things are quiet on campus right now—only to reveal big news about planned changes to its approach to essay questions this year.

Admissions Director Q&A: Soojin Kwon of the Ross School of Business

In the latest entry on the MBA admissions blog at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, director Soojin Kwon shares key updates for waitlisted and Round 3 applicants, as well as news of …

The Ross School of Business at University of Michigan has posted the following  for the 2017-18 admissions season.
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Apply as early as possible. Backward plan so that you are ready to submit in Round 1.

Contact those that will be writing your recommendations as early as possible. You might have been out of contact with your recommenders for a long period of time. Provide your recommender(s) with a quick summary of you, your resume, your roles and responsibilities they'd be able to talk about, and why you want to go to Michigan, and you'll be able to manage the recommendation phase of the process that much better.

Start thinking how to attack your essays right away – you will write quite a few drafts before submitting your application. It’s important for you to paint a compelling story with these essays. Your essays should build on each other, giving the admissions committee a picture of who you are and why you would be an asset to the Ross School of Business. Develop a strategy on how you want to tell your story and be creative! Don’t be afraid to get personal in your essays – you want the ADCOM to remember you. Include topics in your essays that address areas that you have excelled in outside of the military. Show that you are well rounded – that you will succeed in any environment. Attention to detail: Review, review, review - and then have your friends review your application and essays for mistakes and typos. (Hint: Don't put another school's name into an essay for the Ross School of Business!!! cutting and pasting is not the preferred method:)

Spend a great deal of time preparing for your interviews. If you are still in the military, it is critical that you prepare yourself for a private sector interview. Your military stories need to be translated into a language that non-military people can understand. Practice your answers to basic B-School interview questions on your own – write out the main points and go over them in your head. Have your friends / family give you mock interviews until you feel comfortable answering questions about your military experience in plain English. In general, people love to hear about what you did in the military – it’s exciting, interesting stuff. You want to make sure that you can capitalize on this – prepare before you come to campus for your interview. Consider working with a JMO recruiter to hone your interview skills. Many recruiters run interview prep workshops which are followed by hiring conferences – attend one of them and get your feet wet – it’s also a great hedge should you decide not to attend business school.

As a military applicant you have unique experiences and attributes that can help you to stand out from the pack. It is critical that these attributes come across in your application and during your interview. Some key attributes to focus on are:The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business recently released its and for the Class of 2015. While Ross hasn’t made changes quite as big as those at some other schools this year, Ross’s essay word count has slimmed down a bit, continuing the trend we have seen among most top-ranked MBA programs. We’ll dig into the Michigan’s essays and deadlines below, followed by our comments, in italics:

Michigan (Ross) Admissions Deadlines
Round 1: October 10, 2012
Round 2: January 3, 2012
Round 3: March 4, 2012

These deadlines are almost exactly the same as they were last year. Note that, unlike some other top-ranked MBA programs, Ross does not notify Round 1 applicants before the end of December (notifications are released by January 15). So, if you apply to Ross in Round 1, you will need to pull the trigger on Round 2 applications in early January before you know where you stand with Ross.

Michigan (Ross) Admissions Essays

BBA Application Requirements | Michigan Ross

The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business has posted the MBA application deadlines for the upcoming admissions season. The three rounds are: Round 1 Deadline: October 6, 2014 Decision: December 19, 2014 Round 2 …

Frequently Asked Questions - Michigan Ross - University of Michigan

If you’ve met Soojin Kwon, who leads admissions at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, you know that she doesn’t pull punches. She’s whip-smart, no nonsense, and gets right down

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The University of Michigan Ross School of Business has introduced a for the 2017-18 admissions season. The reason for the update? As admissions director Soojin Kwon explains, “We want to get to know more about you than we would in a traditional essay where you’d talk at length about one topic. You’ll get to share different sides of yourself that will be relevant to your experience during business school.”