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But, how much risk should students take? Â It’s hard to know. Â What’s risky and positive to one admissions reader, might be in poor taste to another. Â With essays ranked by college admissions officers as the most important non-academic feature on an application, taking a significant risk can be a very scary thing!

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First, it’s important to remember that a college application—even one with essays, letters of recommendation, and interviews—is an imperfect instrument of measurement. You’re far more complex and interesting than any application can possibly communicate. And that’s exactly why it can be risky to mention some particular challenges.

Can a Risky College Application Essay Get You Into the Ivies

It’s also possible that an obstacle you know full well you’ve dealt with — an abusive parent, say — is one you can’t bring up in an essay that your parent (or that parent’s spouse) may read. The very obstacles a college is least likely to be able to deduce from your application may be the ones that are genuinely too risky to bring up.

Can a thesis writing english Risky College Application Essay Get You Into the Ivies
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i agree that it feels like a huge chunk is missing from my application, and that it should be included as a factor in my admissions, since my junior year grades suffered. but colleges are really risk adverse, and it's usually better to use your essays for positive self promotion (that's what everyone's telling me). i haven't decided if i want to ask my gc to make a vague note of my issues and say how i've gotten help and overcame my problems, but even that is very risky to add. if you do add it, then i would emphasize how you're better (assuming you are), and that you know how to get help when you need it. someone also told me that she was waitlisted at all of the colleges on her list, except her safety, and she feels her essay explaining her anxiety played into that.

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As one of the above experts stated, if the college is a more alternative-type college, and can truly appreciate the writing in the poetry format, then by all means, go for it! But most colleges will probably be looking a little less outside-the-box, and would likely prefer a more traditional essay. It all depends on how clever you can be with the poem though. Some poetry is absolutely brilliant, and if you have a real talent for it, and if the admissions officer has the brains to be able to interpret it, it might well be the thing that puts you over the top. It can be easy to have poetry backfire on you though, and the clarity and structure of a well-written essay can be equally effective, and perhaps leaves a great deal less mystery to what you are about because as you know, by nature, poetry tends to force people to read between the lines. I'd say it's probably more risky on the whole, but if you are truly feeling inspired, why not? Take a shot at it for at least one application. Probably not all of them, but just one. Good luck from a fellow poet!

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Risky college essay. Mbugsy12 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member. October 2012 edited October 2012 in College Admissions. I am currently going through the hectic. College admissions officers read thousands of college application essays. These tips and strategies can help you make a strong impression. Essay on importance of english in my life college specific essay, sports day report essay about science. Proper research paper ara yessayan san francisco bay area. Westfield NJ college admissions consultant advises students what to do and not to do when taking risks with their application essays.