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You are welcome to use any information and/or essays that you submit for the QuestBridge application. You must cut and paste them on to the forms and submit them online using the Common Application and Caltech Member Questions, found at the.

Caltech requires that you submit 2 teacher recommendations with your Common Application: 1 from a Humanities or Social Science teacher AND 1 from a Math or Science teacher.

QuestBridge | College Prep Scholars Application Progress Guide

Q: Can I reuse any of my QuestBridge essays in the the Coalition or Common Application?
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Questbridge application essay prompts - Chief of Staff KC

If you do not match, the easiest way to complete the application process is through the QuestBridge application forwarding process to pass your application materials to us.

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Some advantages of applying to QB NCM even if you don't intend to rank colleges are: 1) being a QB finalist can be listed as a national award on college or other scholarship applications 2) it identifies you as a high achieving low income student which is a group currently being recruited by selective colleges -- a desirable profile to highlight on those applications 3) it gives you the opportunity to forward your QB app to any colleges which accept just the QB app and not have to submit anything else for those schools in the event you aren't accepted ED to your first choice school 4) the value of having your essays (and a complete college application) done very early cannot be emphasized enough, as anyone who's been through the process will tell you 5) the QB community is an immensely supportive peer group - there are facebook and other social media communities, as well as face to face meetings at the conferences and fly-ins. You will have access to lots of resources and information as well as emotional and moral support. Many QB applicants say that the best part of the process is becoming friends with like-minded peers who have similar life experiences, understand each other's struggles etc. QB scholars have a support network on their campuses, including things like having a budget for Thanksgiving dinner for "Questies" who can't get home for the holiday etc. Even applicants who aren't finalists often stay connected with their Questbridge friends and some even mentor the next year's group of juniors 6) becoming acquainted with QB partner schools which you may not have heard of or not know much about. All the QB colleges are outstanding selective schools from all over the US, although only a handful have the name/'brand' recognition. Many QB scholars, matched or not, say that they found their dream school through QB, and often it was not a school they knew or were interested in before the NCM process.

Can I use the same essay I submitted to QuestBridge for the Common application personal essay?
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On a Quest: The Questbridge Application Process - You Got Into Where?

No. Interviews are not required for freshman applicants. After sharing your QuestBridge National College Match application with Yale, you may be contacted by a Yale graduate who volunteers with the “Alumni Schools Committee” (ASC) to arrange an interview, either in-person or online. Some QuestBridge Finalists are offered interviews during the QuestBridge College Match process, and others are interviewed during the regular decision process. If you are contacted for an interview, you are encouraged to reply and schedule the interview as soon as possible. In some regions, the number of applicants exceeds the number of interviews available. If you are not contacted for an interview, don’t worry; Yale does not disadvantage applicants we are unable to interview. High school seniors who visit campus in the summer or fall may also schedule an on-campus interview with a Yale senior, before or after applying. For more information see .

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A: No, we do not use the QuestBridge application for our admission process. To be considered for admission to the University of Chicago through the National College Match, you must submit the Coalition or the Common Application and the University of Chicago Supplement on or before November 1. Please refer to our for more information.

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QuestBridge allows students to apply early to several different colleges simultaneously and for free. You complete one application, and if you are selected as a Finalist your information will be forwarded to all of the QuestBridge college partners that you ranked (up to 12). Your QuestBridge application will present your achievements in light of the obstacles you have overcome, as our application questions and essays are tailored to high-achieving, low-income students.