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2. They mail them back late.Ideally, you want to return the secondary applications to medical schools within a couple of days of receiving them. Yes, you read that correctly! The quicker you return their secondaries, the more obvious your enthusiasm about attending their school. Now, you *could* put pressure on yourself to compose 2-3 pages of thoughtful, specific prose for each school within 24 hours of receiving each application. But clearly, the best way to turn them around immediately is to have your secondary essays practically done before the applications arrive. Fortunately, secondary essay prompts are widely available nowadays-just ask someone who applied to medical school last year, or consult a pre-med advisor.3. They are late in other ways.Tardy letters of recommendation can postpone the evaluation of your application indefinitely. If the letters of reference aren't already in your file at the medical schools by the time you mail back your completed secondary application, how can admissions evaluate your complete application and make a decision to offer you an interview? It may be your recommenders' responsibility to write the letters of reference, but the burden of making sure they follow through falls upon your shoulders alone.4. They don't distinguish themselves in their writing.Applicants feel that so much is at stake that they are afraid to take risks in their application; as a result, many of the essays we read are very "safe" (translation: unoriginal and not distinctive). The writing that you do for medical schools needs to focus on your unique attributes. Share your passion for medicine and healing with medical school, but be careful of blanket statements that are not backed up with specific experiences. Learn to craft an artful story.5. They repeat themselves in the wrong way.At INQUARTA, we advise our clients to create an image of consistency in their secondary applications by revisiting the Core Themes that they laid out in their AMCAS primary application. However, some applicants mistake our advice to accentuate Core Themes as permission to rehash the same stories from their personal statement. Just remember, you're continuing a conversation, not starting from scratch.

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Medical school secondary applications are a second round of essay questions medical schools send out after they have received your initial application. Some schools send essays to a certain selected candidates, and others automatically send the secondary application essays to all applicants.And you may be think that after pouring your heart into the initial applications , what else is there to write about?Winning secondary essays present the core themes that define you as a candidate. This can be tough to pull off, so feel free to post your questions about the secondaries in the comments section below. Cluttering your secondaries with themes unrelated to your primary essays will confuse your reader by throwing too many different ideas at them at once. Don’t be the “shizo” applicant — no multiple personalities!Take a look at our guide on to see a big list of all the common secondary prompts, and training videos that walk you through all the techniques you’ll need to know if your goal is to write compelling secondaries. It’s a great resource that will give you a big head start on your secondaries.

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GAHS Post- Secondary Planning Guide (10/26/15) pg. 12. Dos and Don'ts on the College Application Essay. Dos. • Keep your focus narrow and personal.
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Applying to medical school is a daunting task. The medical school admissions process stands alone among the graduate school options (business, law, PhD, etc.) as the most complicated, demanding, and expensive. Discounting the time required to fulfill the pre-med course requirements, the medical school admissions process generally takes 14-17 months including sitting the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), obtaining recommendations, completing the AMCAS application, writing secondary application essays, interviewing, and executing a post-interview strategy. With the many tasks required to gain entrance to medical school come numerous opportunities to misstep. There are certain errors that are more likely to sink an application and your chances of becoming a doctor – the “Seven Deadly Sins.”

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