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Plagiarism is always wrong and schools are getting better at detecting it. Penn State, for example, is using an admissions essay service offered by Turnitin. This software service has been used by professors to check their students’ class work – with much success. College application essays are now being compared to a huge database of collected information and what’s already on the web. While most schools don’t publicize whether or not they use this detection system, at Penn State 29 students were rejected in 2010 because of plagiarism on the college application.

that I have plagiarized homework in my college application essay?

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How Will Admission Officials Respond to Essay Plagiarism

Other schools are skeptical about using Turnitin on prospective freshmen, especially since the company charges large campuses several thousands of dollars a year. Rather, plagiarists can be discovered when admissions officers notice mismatches between strong application essays and weak grades, interviews and SAT or ACT writing samples, said David Hawkins, public policy and research director of the National Assn. for College Admission Counseling. Schools also fear wasting time on false positives triggered by cliches and platitudes, he said.

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Another thing that you must know is what to do after you have received your order. You need to be very careful while checking it. Do remember that this essay will be seen by the commission board and every single mistake does matter! We would strongly recommend using programs and applications for plagiarism checking. A common college application essay should be 100% unique! It would always be better to use the apps and software that has unlimited access to online resources. Of course, you need to pay for these applications. However, you may order a trial period just to check the papers that have been written for you. A common college application essay should be 100% unique.

Should I write that I have plagiarized homework in my college application essay
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using internet resources to catch plagiarism in application essays.

I have to differ with Ramish Ali: Students should not get others to write their essays for them, whether for high school or for college applications or at any time. Plagiarism (using work written by others, without saying that it was written by someone else) is taken very seriously in the U.S. If you are found to have plagiarized your college-application essays, you will not be admitted. When you apply, you sign a statement saying that the work on your essay is your own work, and that you realize using someone else's work is grounds for being rejected. If you are admitted and they find out afterwards that you didn't write your essays, your admission can be revoked.

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There is no better and quicker way to get rejected from the college application process than to use material in your essay that has been borrowed without permission or improperly cited. It’s plagiarism, and makes a strong negative statement about the character of the individual who cannot craft a genuine essay without cheating.

Colleges had sheets of typed essays and no easy way to check them.

Plagiarism is always wrong and schools are getting better at detecting it. Colleges use plagiarism-prevention services like Turnitin. This service and other like it compare college application essays to a huge database of collected information and what’s already on the web.

Lying on the college application or in the essay is also to be avoided. If a university finds out a student has lied, rejection is almost guaranteed. To uncover lies on the application, colleges do research of their own. They may look for inconsistencies and follow up on them or even do random checks. College admissions officers have called up high schools to verify activities and awards. They have also checked with jobs, internship organizers, and places where students have performed public service. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to see if a student really has received a major award or a significant ranking, whether it’s in music or sports.