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Applicants who are alumni of Teach for America or the Peace Corps are eligible for an $85 application fee waiver. To qualify, applicants must have completed their 2-year commitment to Teach for America or the Peace Corps by the start of the fall semester. Further, Teach for America alumni must have completed TFA's pre-corps training institute and served as a teacher for two years in a low-income community through their Teach for America placement. Applicants who have completed less than 2 years by the start of law school or those who are just entering Teach for America or the Peace Corps are not eligible. The application fee will also be waived for those who have served or are serving in the United States military. (Participation in a foreign country's military does not qualify an applicant for a fee waiver.)

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A Peace Corps volunteer gives insider tips on the application process.
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You’ve got to love this! The UW-Madison Writing Center (which, by the way, is very good!) has introduced a new and short (non-credit of course) workshop for those of you with ‘special needs,’i.e., writing your Fulbright application essay, your APA documentation, and also “writing Peace Corps application essays.”

Feb 24, 2015 - So this is my essay for my Peace Corps application

Then I opened it and saw a large pile of more paperwork that I have to fill out and send in: Power of attorney forms, applications for a special peace corps passport, life insurance forms, personal property insurance forms, press release info, financial forms, staging materials and a ton of other stuff.

During the application process, potential Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows will be asked to:
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Willamette University`s Atkinson Graduate School of Management offers Peace Corps Fellows the opportunity to earn the Master of Business Administration for Business, Government and Not-for-Profit Management (MBA). All Willamette MBA students participate in the PACE (Practical Applications for Careers and Enterprises) program where they serve as consultants and support the activities of selected not-for-profit and government enterprises. This service/consulting project provides a valuable opportunity to build real-world experience and contribute to the community through enhancing the operations of client service organization.

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Even though Peace Corps was , seeing the online document brought out my desire to complete forms and I felt the need to finish before her. The application asks for education, health, work and volunteer history, skills, and two essays: one about cultural experience and one about why you want to join the Peace Corps. You also have to send in three references from a friend, volunteer supervisor and work supervisor. The best part of the application for me was listing the top three regions of the world where I wanted to volunteer. There are no guarantees of being placed in your top choices, but it was exciting to picture myself on different parts of the globe. We breezed through the requirements and sent the info off to the recruiters in the Los Angeles office on October 1, 2008. For the record, I finished first.

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My service with City Year helped me prepare for my Peace Corps service in many ways, and I’ll focus on two things that might not be the most obvious ones. First, serving with City Year is a valuable cross-cultural experience. I had lived in Chicago for several years before joining City Year, but as a corps member I went to communities I had never before seen and met people in my city whose lives are completely different than mine. This deeply affected me; it changed the trajectory of my education and career. Some City Year corps members move across the country to serve, some serve in the city they call home but build strong friendships with teammates from different backgrounds. In whatever form, every corps member is immersed into a new culture, and everyone learns and grows from this. Even though I have lived in a foreign country, I used City Year as my example of cross cultural experience for my Peace Corps application essay. Sure enough, I use the same skills here every day. My community in Fiji could not look more different than where I served in Chicago, but the process of building relationships, understanding a community’s challenges, and gaining credibility as an “outsider” is much the same.