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Announcements of the program are sent out in the fall to each high school in the state, both private and public, by the Pennsylvania Department of Education through the twenty-nine intermediate units. The application consists of four parts. The applicant completes the personal data form, attaching essays. Two teachers, a science teacher and a mathematics teacher, complete reference forms. The applicant's guidance counselor completes a recommendation form and attaches the student's transcript, attendance record, and test scores and class standing, if available.

Pa Standard Teaching Application Essay Lawteched

Pa Standard Teaching Application Essay Examples - Lawteched
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Pa Standard Teaching Application Essay - Lawteched

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Pa standard teaching application essay - DB Tactical Concepts
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For Teaching Positions in Pennsylvania Public Schools

Teaching Application Procedure: Only complete applications will be considered for any open position. for any instructional position or substitute position includes the Standard Pennsylvania Teaching Application, the General McLane Applicant Essay, the Applicant Checklist, copies of transcript listing student teaching grade, PA teaching certificate, four clearances (Child Abuse, Criminal, Fingerprint and PDE Form 6004) that are within five years, a certificate of completion for Act 126 Training, and the newest Act 168 Form (Directions/Procedures), the required Health and TB Form, and letters of recommendation or credential packet. Complete packets should be mailed to:

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Pa standard teaching application essay examples


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