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Required Steps
Check minimum GPA and prerequisiterequirements.
Ensure your transfer and/or test credits are .
3. .
a. Search for the UB School ofNursing program.
b. Review the application essayquestions.
c. Pay the $45 applicationfee.
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Below you’ll find an interactive example of the NursingCAS application. You can see that it is split between four sections, and you can click each box to learn more about what is asked in that section. Personal Information, Academic History, and Supporting Information are considered core application sections that are necessary for all programs. Program Materials is where program specific information is collected, including additional custom questions, document uploads, and prerequisites. Any additional information that a school wishes to express about the program is found here as well. For more information about each step in the application process, please refer to the

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The Undergraduate Nursing Honors Program is designed to enhance the educational experience of highly motivated nursing students who are interested in undergraduate research and the development of scholarship. Admission to the Honors Program in the School of Nursing is initiated during the second semester of the freshmen year. Freshmen students who have achieved a 3.45 GPA or better during the first semester will be eligible to apply. Visit the page for more information about and the admission and application process.

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You studied hard in school, devoted hours to volunteering at the local hospital or nursing home, scored well on the standardized admissions tests, and, finally, you requested and received outstanding letters of recommendation from several medical professionals. What is left to do in your pursuit of a nursing education? You need to make your application stand out from the crowd and this is why focusing on details in your nursing school admission essay is important.PCC is a member of the . This coalition of statewide nursing educators and programs consists of Oregon Health & Science University, Portland Community College, Umpqua Community College, Southwestern Oregon Community College, Rogue Community College, Lane Community College, Clackamas Community College, Mount Hood Community College, Columbia Gorge Community College, Clatsop Community College, Treasure Valley Community College and Blue Mountain Community College. OCNE schools have the same prerequisites and comparable application processes for students.

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The nursing school admission essay is a very personal document, created by you and over which you have complete control, unlike other portions of your application. You cannot change a disappointing grade in an advanced biology course or improve your standardized test scores, but you can write a moving and unique nursing school admission essay which may make the difference in your application’s success. Writing a nursing admission essay which describes in remarkable detail your interest in pursuing a career in nursing could boost your acceptance chances. Highlighting your motivation to become a nursing professional in a way that is both impressive and distinctive could make the difference in an effective nursing admission essay.

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The number one, numero uno, highest priority, top thing admissions staff are looking to see in your personal statement and other application essay responses is that you . If you mention you want to become a nurse practitioner because you "couldn't get into medical school", you won't be accepted to an NP program either.

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What details will improve your nursing school admission essay? The most important facts are those which highlight your specific qualifications for the degree program. Your credentials are important in the application process. The committee reviews many applications, most of which have test scores, transcripts, volunteer experience, and glowing recommendations similar to yours. The best way, then, to be a notable candidate is to focus on the details of your experience, motives and preparation which will create a memorable nursing school admission essay.