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A former journalist, English teacher and author, Janine Robinson is the leading writing coach in the world for teaching students how to write narrative-style essays for college applications. Her popular blog, Essay Hell, where she shares free tips, advice and strategies for writing standout college application essay, has received more 2 million visitors, and averages 10,000 visitors a day during the admissions "season" seeking her guidance.

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Your college application essay gives you a chance to show admission officers who ..
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8 Tips for Crafting Your Best College Essay

To begin, consider your strengths and interests and what you want colleges to know most about you. Then explore some topics, stories, and approaches that might help you show yourself to your readers. You will likely need to write two or three college application essays for many selective colleges. See them as puzzle pieces working together to present who you are more completely.

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Learn how to write your college admission essay. Included: how different kinds of students should approach the essay, organization, choosing words effectively, and the importance of conventions. Learn what voice is, and why it is so important in a college application essay. Get some useful advice for things to read to learn more about what effective essays look like. 8 tips are presented altogether.

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Learn how to write the best (and fewest!) possible essays for your college applications. Win at college admissions!
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: An online service for students who need to write good essays and application letters. It provides dozens of free essays to use as samples for students’ work. Here, everyone can learn how to write good papers and compose great application letters.: This resource provides more useful information for students than just definitions. A thesaurus, citation formats, many links to useful tools, a style guide, and formats for punctuation, capitalization, and abbreviations – you can find it all here.: A perfect place for research, where students will find links to many reference books and such well-known and authoritative encyclopedias as the Columbia Encyclopedia and Britannica. More than 100 dictionaries are available here to search for different information related to college writing.: A resource for students who want to get more experience in college paper writing, learn how to do it properly, and understand all the nuances of academic writing. This resource provides high-quality services together with a very good theoretical base for young people to start writing their essays professionally.: A website where students will find a big collection of academic tutorials to help them deal with academic writing. All tutorials are reviewed on their quality, and you can easily see which of them are worth the attention.: Studying in college is impossible to imagine without this online resource, which collects video talks from experts in different fields. You can watch videos on relevant topics, read articles written by professionals, and organize events.

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Final Advice: Millions of students have survived writing the college essay and you will too! The best piece of advice is to get started long before the deadlines approach. Junior year is a great time to begin brainstorming to find essay topics. During the summer, before the hectic pace of senior year, complete an essay from the Common Application or from a school you have selected that doesn’t use the Common Application. However, if you find yourself burning the midnight oil, use the tips above and you will write a great essay!

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The vast majority of students I work with have never had any writing instruction beyond what happens in a group, and it shows. Critical thinking is essential to good writing. This too is an alien concept to many students.

But I've also worked with top student writers at top schools, public and private, including students who edit and write for the school newspaper and literary magazine. They may be great at writing movie reviews for the paper or analyzing poems for English class, but they're sometimes stumped on how to write college application essays, because there is nothing they've ever written to prepare them for this genre -- and its many offshoots among the dozens of supplementary essays that come up. Of course they have teachers and guidance counselors who can and do help. For many that is sufficient. For others, who might have eight or ten essays, there might not be a teacher available.