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Below I'll provide the structure for a sample essay you can follow for your high school application
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Unlike every other aspect of the application, you control your essay

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The University Honors Program values diversity and seeks students who bring a wide variety of perspectives, experiences, and skills to our incoming class.

Please see below for first-year student application requirements. (NOTE: Current USU or transfer students with at least one semester's college grades complete a , available .)

Interested and qualified students must apply for admission to the University Honors Program. All applications must include: (1) a completed basic information form, (2) an unofficial high school transcript, (3) a brief activity resume , and (4) an essay that responds specifically to the prompt below.

What's cooler than your outfit on the first day back to school?

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Ideal for high school students working on applications, The Common App Essay ..
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After dealing with light and water, I had to focus on the need to circulate air. Several designs were found which allowed my friends to create 3D printed prototype in the school lab. That place provided us with an idea to build latching mechanism to boost airflow by having the door to remain ajar about two inches. The strawberry plants are still growing in my partially open high school locker. It is a great topic for conversation and excellent college application essay, I believe.

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I have to differ with Ramish Ali: Students should not get others to write their essays for them, whether for high school or for college applications or at any time. Plagiarism (using work written by others, without saying that it was written by someone else) is taken very seriously in the U.S. If you are found to have plagiarized your college-application essays, you will not be admitted. When you apply, you sign a statement saying that the work on your essay is your own work, and that you realize using someone else's work is grounds for being rejected. If you are admitted and they find out afterwards that you didn't write your essays, your admission can be revoked.

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At Millikan High School in Long Beach, soon-to-be senior Hannah Smith, who wants to study neuroscience in college, said she had been preparing for the previous application responses and was “a bit disappointed” that she would have to start fresh with the new format. She said she preferred the older, lengthier essays because “there is more room for the admissions officers to get to know the applicants.”