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One word of warning however – I found Canadian universities, at least the programs I was applying to, wanted much shorter write-ups than Asher focuses on. includes 50 sample essays for MA, PHD, MBA and Professional programs, as well as some written for scholarship or fellowship applications. However, they are nearly all two to three single spaced pages, while the schools I applied to all had a single page maximum. To compose a 250-500 word statement that is personal yet professional, academic but still accessible while standing out from the crowd, Asher instructs readers to begin early and answer a large series of questions before attempting any essays. The questions range greatly, from most important accomplishment to date, to specific post-graduate career plans, to listing individuals that have had the most influence on the development of your character. In this portion of the book Asher stresses his belief that there is always something that sets an applicant apart and makes them unique, sometimes they just need to take the time to brainstorm and reflect on their life experiences to figure it out. Asher also discusses his motto: RTGDQ, or Read The Gosh Darn Question. As each program requests a statement with a slightly different focus – be it personal biography or academic intent – Asher makes it clear that it is imperative applicants answer exactly the question that is asked. I did indeed find the focus of my admission essays by answering Asher’s questions, and believe my applications were much more succinct, competitive and well received because of his advice.

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Graduate Admissions Essays: Write Your Way into ..

The Department of English offers the master of fine arts degree in creative writing for students committed to pursuing the writing life. This three-year degree provides advanced graduate-level coursework in writing, language, and literature, as well as study in a related field. The third year of the program focuses on the final development of a book-length manuscript suitable for publication, the MFA essay, and the MFA thesis defense. The deadline for admission to the program for Fall 2017 is December 1, 2016.

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There are several books and numerous web sites that contain general information about writing a personal statement as well as examples of graduate admission essays. A few include:

Jul 24, 2012 - Read a free sample or buy Graduate Admissions Essays, Fourth Edition by Donald Asher
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Graduate Admissions Essays: Write Your Way into the ..

There are several books and numerous web sites that contain general information about writing a personal statement as well as examples of graduate admission essays. A few include:

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Throughout the exciting, expensive and arduous process of applying to graduate school I found Donald Asher’s to be by far the single most instructive resource I came across. Despite the title this book is about more than just admission essays. Asher is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide, leading readers into the bewildering unknown with clear step by step instructions and amusing commentary.

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Based on thousands of interviews with successful grad students and graduate admissions officers, deconstructs and demystifies the ever-challenging and seemingly more impersonal application process for getting into graduate and scholarship programs. The book presents 50 sample essays in a comprehensive range of subjects, detailed strategies that have proven successful for some of the most notoriously competitive graduate programs in the country, as well as sample letters of recommendation, essays for residencies and fellowships, and postgrad applications.