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The consensus view among guidance advisors is that it is a good idea to visit colleges, preferably when college is in session and not during a summer break, with a chance to meet an actual student in the form of a tour guide, and taking notes for reference later when applying. Sometimes a college will waive the application fee based on the college visit. A benefit is seeing a school as it really is—not just glossy pictures from a brochure or a promotional video from a website. Another suggested that students should ask themselves, when visiting a particular college: "can I see myself here"? Reporter Jenna Johnson in the suggested that students contact a professor in an area of interest at the college before visiting, and try to meet with them briefly or sit in on one of their classes. Reporter Brennan Barnard in the recommended that student visitors should ask questions (by avoiding factual questions better answered by the college's website), and ask for complimentary passes for dining or free food. Barnard recommends going beyond the usual tour to ask random strangers about life on campus and reading the student newspaper. He recommends arranging to speak with a professor in the department of interest as well as athletic coaches and music directors, possibly by emailing them in advance of the visit, to try to meet them even briefly. A follow-up "thank you" note to the host is a good idea (avoid texting abbreviations.)

What makes a good college essay during applications?

it would be good to start thinking about this college application essay… (still a year away)
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What are some of the cornerstones of a good college application essay

In this article, we are going to talk about the most efficient college application essay tips. We will start from giving you the number one suggestion – start ahead. Don’t leave for when it’s too late because you will need enough time to write a good piece and to revise it carefully. And the second piece of advice is, “Be yourself!”

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Perhaps, everyone who has decided to continue his studying in the college or university has already had those hesitations: am I good enough to write an essay that will be loved by the commission board? You know that this is one of the most important stages, as here you can present your personal qualities and create a proper first impression on the commission board. There were a huge number of cases when an application letter determined the future of a person. The matter is that your academic achievements though important still do not tell everything about you. For example, you may have some hobbies that are important for the chosen major or the achievements that you’ve reached out of school.

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This is a very good question that almost all students ask when it comes time to write their college applications. In a very real sense, the admissions committee wants to gain insight into the individual behind the objective information (grades, courses, test scores, GPA). What does this mean? They want to know what experiences you have had or the circumstances in which you have grown up that have shaped your values, your beliefs, your view of the world, your dreams and ambitions for your future, your commitment to hard work, and a genuine desire to learn and to live with others of different backgrounds and beliefs. So, you should write about any experiences that have influenced the factors listed above. The admissions committees are also going to learn about you from the thoughtfulness and the quality of your writing.

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An excellent written essay could be a “tipper” factor for a borderline admit student to get accepted. On the other hand, a poorly written essay, with a bad choice of topic, can tip a students’ application into the reject pile. Essays will be more important for smaller schools that are committed to reading holistically. These smaller colleges want to ensure that the students that they accept would contribute positively to campus life both with their talents, leadership abilities and personal qualities. This should all be apparent in a good college essay.

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With just a few weeks to go before early action deadlines hit, we’ve been reviewing A LOT of college application essays. Some are great, some merely good, and some…well, some need quite a bit of work.