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This is a good place to start when thinking about how to structure your college admissions essay, but the best essays tend to evolve past this level.

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At First Choice College Placement we understand that there is a big difference between a good essay for your English class and a good college admissions essay. We have been working with students since 1999 helping them get accepted by their first choice college. We have toured hundreds of colleges and worked with thousands of students, and we know what will help put you in the best possible light for a college admission officer. In addition to critiquing the grammar, syntax and structure of the essay, we also provide a reaction from an admissions officer’s point of view. Is this essay portraying you in the best light possible? Are you truly shining your admissions hook?

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Don't dread the college essay! While it might feel like a daunting task, penning your college essay allows you to show college admission officers your personality and passion outside of your good grades and extracurricular activities.

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There are several things that college admissions officers look for when determining if a student will be a good fit for their institution. This includes the student's GPA, SAT or ACT scores, extra curricular activities, and their college application essay. To help students write a better college application essay, we have compiled a list of writing tips as well as examples of application essays that got it right.I find these examples and the ensuing comments to be an example of just how subjective college admissions officers are when making their decisions. Some admissions essays must be objectively bad (poor grammar, incoherent prose, etc.) and I imagine that some must be objectively good, however, it seems to me that the great bulk lie in the middle. In that middle ground then isn’t the merit of one’s essay inextricably tied to the taste’s of the admissions officers reviewing that essay? Would a brilliant essay by Hunter S. Thompson be tossed out because the reader hated drug use and non-conformity? Would an essay by Tom Wolfe be rejected because the reader hated exclamations? Oh my! Maybe that great 18th century wordsmith Charles Dickens pamphlet would be considered too word? Or Hemingway’s to sparse?

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But it has its limits, she notes. “The challenge with Naviance is that it’s objective, and so much of the college admissions process is subjective and very personal. The data on Naviance can’t help when it comes to determining how good a student’s personal essay is or the quality of their extracurricular activities.”

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It may sound cliché, but it's true. This is perhaps the most important tip of all: The word "compelling" came up in all my interviews. Tell the reader a terrific story, hopefully one they've never heard before. Compel them to fight for you by providing as many clues to your character as possible. "I always say the more information you can give a college, the better your ability to write an essay," says Richard Friesner, Director of the Washington Scholars Program at George Mason University's Admissions Office. "Challenge us; we're giving you an opportunity to tell us more about yourself, so you should take that chance." Friesner wants to read an essay and then think, "This is a good kid and I could see them here," he says. "I like to see their passion. They're going to college to learn skills, problem-solving skills that are used in the real world. So show me that passion on why you want to be pre-med, or why dance is the major for you."

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Reading the essays of other students who successfully got into the college of their choice is a good way to find inspiration for your own writing. Look for common patterns in college admission essay samples, such as personal stories and a touch of humor. You might also find some good ideas for structuring your essay to give it a breath of fresh air.