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"Applicants could be taking from one line to an entire essay," Kathryn Timlin, senior associate director of undergraduate admissions at Georgetown University, told HuffPost. "[Admissions officers] obviously have no access to what students are using when they fill out applications, and there's no way that [they] are going to be able to fact check and compare every single essay."

Georgetown university undergraduate admissions essay

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So how best to approach the essay? I sought advice from experts with, collectively, more than a century of experience in the admissions game: Susan Case, former director of college counseling at the elite, private Milton Academy outside Boston; Charles Deacon, dean of admissions at Georgetown University; Karen Kuskin-Smith, retired head of college counseling at Brookline High School in suburban Boston; Jim Miller, dean of admission at Brown University; and Nanette Tarbouni, who just retired as director of undergraduate admissions at Washington University in St. Louis.

How to Write the Georgetown Application Essays 2016-2017

With an acceptance rate of 20% and 94% of all first-year students graduating in the top 10% of their high school class, Georgetown is considered a highly selective university. According to the undergraduate admissions website, the most important factors that are considered in the admissions process are a student's character, class rank, application essay, recommendations, rigor of secondary school record, standardized test scores, talent, and GPA. In addition, other important considerations include the applicant's extracurricular activities, interview and volunteer work.

Overall, it is important that a prospective student carefully review all application requirements and important deadlines. An applicant should be sure to use the Georgetown admissions application to express him or herself well and to explain why he or she believes themselves to be a good fit for the university.

line to an entire essay,” Kathryn Timlin, senior associate director of undergraduate admissions at Georgetown University, told HuffPost.
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