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It is always a pleasure to read a “funny” essay. A unique topic or approach is often refreshing to a college admissions officer who has been reading applications all day. Further, an unusual or off-beat essay is an excellent way to show your creativity. However, you should not attempt to be funny if this is not your natural personality or voice. Your comfort level as a writer is a serious factor in the success of your essay. The more natural you sound the better.

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It also include some excellent sample college application essays at the end.
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In my writing guide, , I share some excellent sample essays for college applications. In this post and future ones, I’m sharing some of them with you.

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Before I get into the details of the essay, it's important to look at the schools to which Sophie applied: , , , , , and . Each of these, including the one state school, is a relatively small college with an undergraduate focus and a liberal arts and sciences core curriculum. All of these schools use a holistic approach to their admissions decisions; that is, each school is carefully thinking about the whole applicant, not just the applicant's grades and test scores. These are schools that are looking for more than smart students. They also want excellent campus citizens who will foster an open and questioning intellectual community. For this reason, the essay is a remarkably important part of Sophie's application.

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David needs to approach this effort at transfer realistically -- even with excellent grades and a stellar essay, his chances of success are by no means guaranteed. That said, he has many things going for him -- he is coming from an equally demanding college where he has earned good grades, and he seems like the type of student who will certainly succeed at Penn. He will need strong to round out his application.In my writing guide, , I share some excellent sample essays for college applications. In this post and future ones, I’m sharing some of them with you.

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College admissions officers know that excellent students have a diverse range of experiences, skill sets, and goals. For this reason, they will often select anywhere from a handful to a significant minority of students who have less than average test scores or otherwise do not meet the minimum requirements of the school. The reason for this is that the applicant’s college application essay demonstrated the passion, sense of purpose, and quality of experience and character that the school is seeking in its student body.

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