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Letters of recommendation are submitted to validate qualifications. Chose your recommendation writers carefully, among individuals who have worked with you in a professional or academic setting. Having a “prestigious” reference is great in theory, but it does not carry much weight if they cannot speak directly to your ability to do graduate-level work or your critical-thinking skills. Some admission evaluators briefly scan letters for specific words. Negativity in recommendation letters raise major red flags.

The landscape of 20th-century graduate education has evolved, increasing in intensity, rigor, and competitiveness. There is no foolproof recipe to the application evaluation process. A good GPA is no guarantee of admission. Applicants must demonstrate that they can go beyond what is required, because when it comes down to it, “going beyond” is an intrinsic part of graduate study. It is far more powerful and relevant to show that significant challenges can be faced with self-direction, a commitment to the goals of the scholarly enterprise, and the desire to succeed.

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Whether your grad school essay is 500 words or three pages, effective graduate school personal statements are succinct. Everything should fit together and flow smoothly within the context of an overarching theme. Decide what you think is most important for the admissions officers to know about you, and then focus on those experiences within the essay. Concise essays demonstrate respect for the admission's officers' time, and that tacit message will be received by the reader. Moreover, writing in this manner lets the admissions officers know that you can organize your thoughts well and express them clearly to others.

Northwestern considers all of the following in the admission process for graduate students:
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Nearly all applicants to graduate school are required to submit one or several admissions essays, sometimes referred to as personal statements. This component of the graduate " -- to see you as a person apart from your and . This is your chance to stand out so make sure that your admissions essay truly reflects you.

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A qualitative evaluation of the applicant's undergraduate and graduate educational work from regionally accredited colleges and universities is part of the admissions committee review process. An undergraduate GPA of at least 2.75 is recommended to be successful in the program.

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When graduate school applicants learn of the importance of the admissions essay to their graduate school application, they often react with surprise and anxiety. Facing a blank page, in an essay that can change your life can paralyze even the most confident of applicants. What What shouldn't you? Read these answers to common questions.