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Rebecca Dockery: Yes, because the Consortium staff members are the ones who are actually reviewing that piece of the application. The applicant is the one who has to make that determination. The applicant is the person who knows his or her experience better than anyone else and who knows what his or her story is better than anyone else. So the applicant is the only one who's qualified to make that decision for himself or herself, and it might be different from you and your best friend who's also applying. You guys might have completely different essays or completely different approaches and different styles, and that's okay. Whatever it is that is most compelling for you to tell your story is the way that you need to tell it.

2017-18 Consortium Member School Application Essays

Jul 15, 2017 - 2017-18 Consortium Member School Application Essays
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Both Berkeley-Haas and The Consortium keep application materials from the previous two application cycles. If you applied more than two years ago, you are required to submit an entirely new application. Reapplicants who applied in the last two years must submit a new application that includes all required data forms and essays, an updated résumé, one mission support recommendation, and the application fee. You may re-use the following items: GMAT or GRE score if not expired, professional recommendations, and transcripts.

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Rebecca Dockery: Yes, and just so everyone knows what we're talking about, there is a document within the Consortium's application that describes the membership review process and gives some examples about some activities or involvement that might qualify an applicant for Consortium membership based on the specific, mission-related criteria that we are looking for. But that said, that particular list that you're referring to is not a checklist of requirements of organizations that you have to be a member of, and it's also not an exclusive list. It's not a list of exclusive involvement, so if you're involved in something other than those organizations, you're not necessarily going to be excluded for not being a member in any of them. So, yes, I hope that helps.

Visit the Consortium’s  page to read more about the organization's admissions process and application requirements.
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Rebecca Dockery: The dollar amount of the fellowship is going to vary based on the individual school because they all, obviously, charge different tuition rates. But a Consortium fellowship, regardless of which school offers it, is inclusive of full tuition and required fees. So whatever that school defines as full tuition and required fees is what your Consortium fellowship will include. As far as which school offers the most fellowships, again, that's not something that I can answer, again, because we don't know year to year who's got what available for the coming year.

Additionally, we don't want applicants to try to–MBA applicants are very good at trying to turn things into formulas using Excel spreadsheets and that sort of stuff. They tend to try to formulize things that aren't necessarily "formulizable." So I just made up a word, but that said, they try to invent a magic formula to figure out, "Okay. If I know that this school offers this many fellowships, and I rank them number four, and I know that this school does that." It's really losing sight of the bigger picture and the bigger picture is, "Which school are you going to be the best fit for?" And that's what you should be using to determine which schools that you include in your application or how you rank your school. So that's really the more important question that you need to be asking yourself.

They understood that the entire application matters…

Keep in mind that the average applicant to The Consortium has three to five years of work experience — a key part of a strong business school application.

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The first things to keep in mind are the deadlines: Round 1 is October 15, 2015 and Round 2 is January 5, 2016. No matter which deadline you target, you are encouraged to start the application early so you know what materials are needed to successfully complete your application. The Consortium does a great job on their website of , but there are some “common” pieces to the application that will be used by all schools: GMAT or GRE scores, transcript(s), resume, core essay #1, the optional essay, along with your general application information. There is also a school-specific essay that you will need to complete that only Simon will receive, as well as a core essay on your commitment to the mission of The Consortium that the schools will not see. The “ranking” of schools on The Consortium application can sometimes be confusing so it is recommended that you speak with a Consortium staff member or Simon Admissions to fully understand what implications the rankings might have.