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questions for the Common Application are available on the Essay Topics page.
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Welcome back, “topic of your choice!” This question was a mainstay on the Common Application for years, and it allowed students incredible freedom to write about any story they felt would both compliment and complete their applications. While Scott Anderson, Senior Director for Access and Education at the Common Application, insists that question 7 was resurrected to make the essay portion of the application less stressful (after all, if you can write about anything, writer’s block kind of becomes a moot point), it’s important to remember the purpose of the . This is your chance to let colleges know who you are beyond grades and test scores. In just 650 words, what do you want colleges to know about you? So if you’re tempted to choose question 7 and take the easy way out by recycling an essay you wrote about The Grapes of Wrath for English class, think again. An essay devoid of your own personal insights and character will not score you any points with the admissions committee.

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Essays, perhaps next to the SAT, may be the most feared and stressed-over component of college applications. We’ve discussed the finer points of essay writing many times here. Before you start working on your Common Application essay and the associated Common Application supplements that colleges just love to throw your way, you need to start seeing yourself in the proper perspective in regards to being an applicant to your candidate colleges. This stratagem applies even if you’re not aiming for the top, as with the Ivies and other elites. Knowing who you are and how you think, plus being able to express that in an articulate statement, will go a long way in advancing your admission chances, regardless of where you are applying.

The trick to an awesome essay about the new Common Application Prompt 6 is not always your topic (idea of concept), but what you say about it.
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2016-17 Common Application Essay Prompts: A Guide

To download only the Essay Topics, . Choose one from any of the prompts provided by the TCU application, the Common Application, or ApplyTexas. Only one essay submission is required.

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A question about having your beliefs challenged demands a great deal of introspection off the bat—and this kind of disarming honesty can make an essay incredibly sincere and compelling. Your willingness to examine your beliefs, whether they were taught to you by your parents, pursued through your own active interest, or simply absorbed as you went about your daily life, can convey a level of maturity and curiosity that is hugely valuable in the college environment. And the range of beliefs that can be challenged is as wide as you make it. Maybe a particularly adventurous meal you had while abroad in China made you reassess the boundaries you believed dictated your taste in food. You can discuss a belief that has been long cherished or simply accepted, which means you can discuss something that has been a part of the fabric of your values based on passionate feelings OR societal norms. When brainstorming topics for this question, keep in mind that staying away from controversial subjects like politics is probably a good idea. You never know who will pick up your application, and you don’t want personal bias about hot button issues getting in the way of a fair assessment of your passion and qualifications.