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The complex ideas Enin expresses seem to me engaging, scintillating, and genuine, as well as intellectually and culturally sophisticated. He takes a hobby -- music - and explains eloquently how it has become a vehicle for engaging in a wide variety of music -- from Jewish liturgical music to Do Wop -- and for exploring other subjects and life challenges. And he does all of this joyfully -- and you can't fake that either. This is something quite different from getting perfect grades and perfect SAT scores.

Intellectual curiosity -- a phrase Kwasi Enin uses, and a concept he understands -- is in short supply in these days of dogged super kids, packaged applicants, and cutthroat competition. Beyond all the glitter and hype of HYP and S, these are still -- for at least a while longer -- places where intellectual curiosity is a cherished value, though it sounds kind of quaint. When it's in evidence, when it's bubbling up from the pages of an application essay, the gatekeepers in those wood-paneled offices notice. Believe me -- and believe Kwasi Enin -- they notice.

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But it's the essay of the year -- maybe of the decade -- we are here to examine. Move over JFK. Make room for Draft #4 of Kwasi Enin's Common Application essay, called "A Life in Music," which the got hold of and published in April 2014, soon after the son of immigrants from Ghana was admitted to the eight Ivy League schools to which he applied.

The news items were celebratory, but the reader comments exposed another side to the story. Debate raged about the justice of Enin's success, his race, affirmative action, the quality of his essay, and the state of American education. There were comments from students who had also applied to many Ivies and "only" got admitted to one or two or three. One young man from the Bronx, who applied to the same eight schools as Enin and "only" got into Yale and Cornell, was enraged by what he thought was the poor quality of the essay and by Enin's eight-school sweep in contrast to his own paltry numbers. In an anonymous reader comment, he said, "I am upset that I will share a school with an applicant as weak as Kwasi."

Apr 3, 2014 - Read the Essay That Got Kwasi Enin Accepted to Every Ivy League School
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A few other types of universities have their own versions of a common application. Several music conservatories, including the Cleveland Institute of Music and Oberlin Conservatory, for example, use a Unified Application to gather basic data on their applicants. Most also require supplementary applications and essays, and all require auditions.

your background, as well as what you can potentially “offer” (e.g

But all last year I wondered about these essays. How much difference do they make? If you have given the school a musical resume, they know your background. Without trying to open a huge can of worms, I guess my question is, how much time should an applicant spend on the music essays (or the common app essay if the school uses that)? Some kids (my D might be in this group), worry an inordinate amount over the essays...hours and hours spent trying to make it perfect...time that probably should be spent on perfecting the audition repertoire instead. If (as I came to believe) the 15 minutes auditioning is perhaps the most important (some have said the only) part of the application that matters, what weight does the essay have, and how much time should one spend on it?

I need to listen to music, to write music, to play music every day

I can share my S's experience. His common application was about piano music and political censorship. His purpose was to demonstrate his view of humanities. His Yale essay was about the parting of his hair during piano performance. His purpose was to examine his personal growth and demonstrate his maturity and the way he thinks. For the "why Yale" short question, he talked about Yale School of Music. His answer to "I couldn't live without" question was music, music, and music. Yes, piano is cliche for Asian Americans, but it worked for my S.