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Although every aspect of your college application is important, a strong college admission essay is one of the most important elements of the application. It is one of the final pieces of information that can influence admissions decisions, and it’s the only part of your application that is totally within your control. Your essay is also the only part of your application that is guaranteed to be unique; many other students may have the same GPA, nearly identical transcripts, or the same extracurricular activities as you, but none will have an essay like yours. Beyond helping you get in to school, well-written college admission essays can help students gain scholarships, grants and other financial aid. Investing the time to learn how to create a memorable essay can pay rich dividends.

Looking for help writing your college application essay? This page contains an excellent sample college application essay -- accepted by Stanford.
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College life can be a tough challenge. Some cannot stand all those piles of paper writing and daily assignments featuring sharp deadlines. In case you are exhausted from completing tasks by tomorrow and need a new lease of life, our website is here to help you. We offer common application essay help making it easy for you to perform an academic progress and success. At the same time, if you decide to write a custom paper by yourself, follow our easy guide that will eventually lead you to your goals.

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It is always useful to read other people’s work to get a sense of what good essays are. To assist you, Top Admit provides you some college admissions essay samples written by counselors and editors hailing from prestigious schools including Harvard. This page contains personal statement samples, statement of purpose samples, and application essay samples for college. But please remember, these are for your reference only; it is not to your benefit to copy their style or concepts. It not only violates academic ethics and could lead to an automatic rejection by the admissions committee -- the point of our service is to help you construct a unique essay -- not one similar to other essays.

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But the same is true for college essays, as Orwell doubtlessly would have realized if he were reanimated and handed him a sheaf of Common Applications. The sad truth is that most college application essays are not very good. When I say they are "not very good", I mean they are either boring, impenetrable, melodramatic, or all of the above.