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Unlike Lisa or Rebecca or Joey who all have life changing experiences to write about, I am somewhat normal. I don't go on trips to third-world countries, and I've never witnessed death firsthand. How do I write an essay about my perfectly normal life and get into college when I am up against kids who bleed their heart out on the page and send admissions officers running for the nearest tissue box, crying for the latest girl who claims to have seen the pains of the modern world on last summer's trip to the Sahara?

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Recently, a family returned from a university information session, confused and upset about essay advice offered by the admissions representative. “Avoid the three D’s,” she recommended. “Death, Divorce and Disease.” This cynical advice gave this family the impression that college admissions readers are not empathetic about the struggles of adolescents. I explained that admissions officers are extremely people-oriented, otherwise they would not be in this occupation. Why, then, should applicants avoid describing difficult life circumstances in their essays?

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College essay prompts often ask applicants to write about formative life events, and there's no question that the death of a loved one is an impactful and often life-changing event. But writing a personal statement about death and grief can be a challenge. Whether you're afraid to relive such a painful moment or concerned that your essay might come off as a sob story, it's hard, but CEA can help. College Essay Advisors Founder Stacey Brook will walk you through some of the key challenges of writing about grief, and show you how to turn some of life's toughest experiences into a sensitive and thoughtful admissions essay.

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One of the first rules of the college admissions. The writer of college essay should write should write the main ideas at the end of the line. The essays should convey to the admissions committee why hopkins could be a good fit. Would had time essay online writer becoming or and to found him. If you are serious write in a serious tone; if you have a good sense of humor insert a joke here and there – the main point is that your college application essay should sound neither too grave nor too funny. . Dead grandmother" essay. I just got my acceptance letter. So when a student asks “what should i write my essay about” there is no direct answer that can be given. The college essay matters. That women should not be subservient to men he told me that in the old days people with views like mine would be stoned to death. 5 moving beautiful essays about death and. Finding essay examples. That8217s why i decided make sure every paper sites where professionals will. Choose your topic carefully: What is the best way to select a topic? Colleges sincerely want to know who you are. They hope to attract a class of diverse students. Consider how you are unique. Ask yourself: how do I view the world? ; What do I care deeply about? What experiences and people have been important in shaping me as a person? What are my goals in life? Most importantly, what have you learned from your experiences and how have you grown and matured from them? An essay about failure can sometimes be more compelling than one about success.
Try to bring something new to the table. Avoid what admissions officers call the “Three D’s: death, divorce and disease as topics. Don’t resort to gimmicks. Focus on yourself and not what you think the admissions committee wants to hear. Show don’t tell. Make your reader see, hear, smell, taste and touch all that you are describing.

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Although the college essay is perhaps the most the daunting part of the college application process, it can also prove to be the most rewarding, provided you follow a few simple rules. First, be yourself. Admissions officers don’t want the extraordinary; they simply want to learn something about you that they cannot glean from the collection of grades and scores in your application file. If it’s authentic, an essay about a daily ritual, ordinary hobby, or family tradition can prove just as captivating as a story about cheating death or overcoming insurmountable odds. Second, bring your writing to life. Use anecdotes, sensory language, and strong verbs to show (not tell) your reader how you feel, what you have seen, and/or what you have experienced. Finally, keep it clean. A clean essay is a concise essay, and one that is free of artificial and/or flowery language. At the height of admissions season, officers will be reading up to 100 essays per day. An unnecessarily long essay may cause your reader to tune out, or worse yet, neglect other parts of your application file.

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Essay topics to “be careful of,” according to a Smith College admission official: winning or losing the big game, the death of a pet, relationship problems and parent-bashing.

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Ironically enough, I wrote my college essay about being extremely blunt. It revealed my personality. Perhaps I come off as cold, but admissions counselors read countless essays about death. That would make sense considering that almost everyone experiences death of a loved one during their life.