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Quite simply, the best college essays make a personal statement and give admissions officers a window into your soul. Many students write essays that are too clichéd or shallow, or too impersonal and uninformative. For some students, the essay itself will be cause for rejection.

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While focusing on the positive, stay true to yourself. Don’t over exaggerate or lie in any way – admissions officers can spot lies – no matter how small – from a mile away. Remember, reading college essays (and deciphering who a student is from that essay) is part of their job description.

2 Things you should never do in your college admission essays:

4. Writing an "un-essay." Many students, particularly some of the brightest ones, have a negative reaction to the strictures of the admission essay. In response, Robinson says, "They want to write in stream-of-consciousness or be sarcastic, and I totally understand this reaction. However, you must remember your goal with these essays -- to get accepted! Save the radical expression for after you get into college."

So, here is a list of 10 topics to avoid in your essay for college admission.
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These were a few of the prompts from which students could choose to write a brief essay to accompany their college applications. Sharing personal reflections can be difficult enough; yet prospective students must consider not only what they say, but also how well they say it, when writing to impress admission counselors.And yes, they will be judging you. But not nearly as harshly as you might think. Admissions officers are people, too. And they wouldn’t choose a job where they read tens of essays every day and perhaps hundreds (or even over 1000) college application essays across a season if they did not have a real interest in the individual applicants who are applying to their programs. College Application Essays are read by members of the admissions committee, usually called admissions officers. Who are the admissions officers? They’re usually staff, professors, and students who have been selected to choose the individuals from a sea of applicants who have the greatest potential to both contribute to the school and receive the greatest benefit from the school’s programs. In the past, there were only a handful of prestigious universities. However, over the past 20 years, smaller schools have been working to build great programs and, in turn, their reputations. And they’ve done this by shaping their image through inviting professors and students who have certain qualities to their programs. For this reason, your college application essay must reflect this to catch the eye of the admissions officers.

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You spent all of high school learning how to write an academic essay, but colleges want something completely different for your admission essays. Thankfully, there are a wealth of online resources out there that can help guide you towards the kind of essay that colleges are looking for.

Are most college admission essays about a student's identity

As a former who read over 3,000 essays every admissions cycle, I can’t stress enough that students should consider quality over quantity when drafting college essays. My colleagues have previously written blog posts encouraging students to draft essays in their , and to with cousins from the thesaurus. The bigger picture here is to tell your own story as clearly and concisely as you can. The same goes for the length of your personal statement—hone in on the specific message you want to convey and deliver it as succinctly as you can.

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In today’s times, college admissions essays are deemed the most influential aspect of the application process because of the applicant’s ability to communicate on a personal level with the admissions officers. Whether you are applying to your dream Ivy League school, a top 10 target school, or a state safety school, your college admissions essay is critical because it reveals what your grades and test scores can’t – who you are and how well you write.