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A well-written college admissions essay has the potential to get you accepted to your choice college. Most people don’t realize that the college essay is one of the most important components to the admissions application; it is the chance to show your personality. Your grades may show how well you performed in a subject, but they don’t show your depth, your sense of humor, or your maturity. Grades don’t reveal the person behind the test scores or suggest challenges overcome. Therefore, writing a solid essay is one of the key factors in gaining acceptance to the college of your choice. Essex Tutoring has partnered with LK Editorial to offer you college essay assistance services that include brainstorming, drafting and finalizing the college admission essay in a combination of email and phone consultations.
Remember, admissions teams are looking for compelling and engaging essays that tell the story of you. They are not looking for lists of accomplishments. This essay service will guide you through the essay writing process to help you shape a college admissions essay that is full of rich detail, description and narration. Get started early. Contact us about rates and timeline.

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Our college Application and Essay Guidance service is appropriate for rising high school seniors who have identified which colleges they will apply to and do not require assistance with other aspects of the college admissions process. A student who needs a review of their college list and help with their applications might choose to combine a College Guidance Consultation with the Application and Essay Guidance service.

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Lighthouse delivers admission essay assistance on an individual basis through our staff editor who will make your essay is marketable and stands out from among the sea of essays received by colleges each year. With the help of our counselors, students will receive:

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If you would like to view the other seven secrets in our free university and college admissions assistance webinar or if you are interested in understanding colleges and need college admissions assistance in general, you can sign up by visiting our website at the address below.

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We offer a variety of college guidance programs, ranging from introductory assessments to application essay guidance to ongoing, comprehensive assistance throughout the college admissions process, depending on the age and needs of each student.

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A typical admission staff at a college includes a dean or vice president for admission or enrollment management, middle-level managers or assistant directors, admission officers, and administrative support staff. The chief enrollment management officer is sometimes the highest-paid position in the department, earning $121,000 on average in 2010, while admissions officers average only $35,000, according to one estimate. Admissions officers tend to be in the 30-to-40 age demographic. They are chosen for their experience in admissions, aptitude for statistics and data analysis, experience in administration and marketing and public relations. They serve dual roles as counselors and recruiters, and do not see themselves as or salespeople, according to one view. They are evaluated on how well they "represent their college, manage their office, recruit staff members, and work with other administrators". Michele Hernandez suggested there were basically two types of officers: a first group of personable, sharp, people-oriented go-getter types who were often recent college grads; a second group was somewhat out-of-touch "lifers" who often did not graduate from a highly selective college. Officers are generally paid an annual salary, although there have been reports of some recruiters paid on the basis of how many students they bring to a college, such as recruiters working abroad to recruit foreign students to U.S. universities.