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Clemson seeks students who not only have excelled academically throughout high school, but also who will ultimately be a good fit for the school. The university's admissions rate of just over 60% reflects a system that, while not incredibly competitive, is focused on finding applicants who contribute to the greater Clemson community. First and foremost, admission officials look to the applicant's class rank, standardized test scores, GPA, and state residency when making a decision.

Other important factors in the admission process is the applicant's alumni relation and demonstrated talents. Admissions officials seek students who, through their applications, have articulated specific passions. Therefore, an applicant should be sure to take advantage of the application essay as a means of communicating any significant accomplishments or interests.

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Clemson doesn't value extracurricular activities or application essays much.
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- Arcadia, CISAbroad, Lorenzo de Medici, University of Nicosia, or USAC Funds are limited, and these are competitive scholarships. Where the number of applicants exceeds available funds, awards will be made on the basis of academic merit, financial need, and quality of essay. Clemson Abroad reserves the right to award any or all of the available funds. In some instances, funds may be reserved and be awarded in a subsequent semester. Award recipients will be notified approximately 3 weeks after the application deadlines.

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Getting into Clemson out of state is not difficult given that you've put forward a decent effort in high school. Being accepted in state is more difficult since nearly EVERY kid ranked in the top 10% of their class wants to study here. If you don't get accepted, don't fret, for some odd reason Clemson lets you appeal their decision. It's amazing some of the students they let in after appealing. Really, the key is making good grades (B+/A- average) in difficult classes (Honors/AP/IB), and scoring above 1200 on the SAT or its equivalent on the ACT. Clemson doesn't value extracurricular activities or application essays much. It probably took 20 minutes to complete the essay and personal statement.

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Regarding my daughter, as a NMSF she has received numerous letters from different universities about the standard offer for NMF. She still has to finish her application to Duke and one more essay for the Clemson Calhoon Honors College, due this coming Tuesday. Clemson did offer the OOS tuition waiver, which comes in the form of a $14,000 scholarship. She is really hoping for a shot at the National Scholars Program. As for 1st choice, she is torn between Auburn and Clemson. She loved both schools, well actually she loved Auburn a little more and I have paid the tuition and housing deposit at Auburn because the NMF offer is very generous and is guaranteed. Now if she were offered the National Scholar's scholarship at Clemson she would love to attend Clemson, but that is something we won't know until February, if she is invited to compete.

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