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I did maintain pretty good grades at my old school, but honestly they were not outstanding. My SAT and TOEFL test scores were like 2000+ and 100+, which is okay but not superb. I think how I stood out was they saw in my application essays.

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The first question might not sound so different than those on a typical application essay, but this year's questions will be designed and evaluated based on psychological research. Tufts officials hope to better identify future leaders and predict college grades. Such methods could also boost diversity among those accepted , because research indicates that the assessment erases much of the gap between racial and socioeconomic groups seen on traditional standardized tests.

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Reginald s choir treat essay writing. Narrative essay on a stitch in time saves nineteen. American two party system essays on friendship. Expressways for writing. Middle School Essay Question. On your own, write a 250-350 word essay in English that will help us know you better. Please share with us how attending Choate Summer. Choate Rosemary Hall. During the college application process, Choate's College Counseling Office highlights. academic review with student essays. Middle School Essay Question. On your own, write a 250-350 word essay in English that will help us know you better. Please share with us how attending Choate Summer.

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