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Enter Dr. Elizabeth Stone, who's recently released book, , addresses those very topics. As the title suggests, The Better College Essay focuses on guiding students to write essays that will help them stand out to admission officials while simultaneously demonstrating how well they will "fit" at the college. In this excerpt from the book's introduction, Stone explains the increasing importance of college application essays:

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Now what? Well, for one thing, don’t read any of those “Essays That Got Us Into Heaven” books. They stink and they will only inspire you to copy tone, style, and so on, consciously or not. Besides, while they may have helped those particular students cap their applications, there was certainly more to them than their prose. If you want some essay inspiration, read actual essayists like E.B. White, David Sedaris, Caitlin Flanagan, or any other smart published authors of your choice. You should be reading them anyway! I’m always a little surprised and saddened when I realize that for many students, writing the college essay is the first time they’ve had extensive essay instruction. Ask your teachers for some recommendations; even scientists and mathematicians can point to Steven J. Gould, Stephen Hawking, and others.

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Her writing guide, , is geared to students who not only want to nail their college application essays, but also develop stellar writing skills. Her latest writing guide, , was published this spring. All books are available on Amazon as Kindle and/or paperback.

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I already featured this list of my favorite books on how to write essays–narrative-style, “slice of life,” personal essays–at the end of . These are exactly what you want to write for your college application essays. (Don’t let anyone talk you into writing a stiff, formal academic style essay for your college admissions essay!) I didn’t want you to miss them in case you want to learn more about how to write in this style.

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Go to to learn how my book, adMission Possible (Sourcebooks), can help you "dare to be yourself," write compelling college application essays and get accepted to college.

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As you're likely well aware, numerous books have been written with the goal of helping students craft "perfect" application essays that will get them into the top colleges and universities. But there is a dearth of resources for the mentors who are there to guide those students through the writing process and help them get into the best schools for their strengths and interests—be it one of the Ivies, a public university, or a "hidden gem" liberal arts school.

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I have read dozens of “how to” college essay books over the years and some are good while others are not. The only one that I consistently would recommend was “On Writing the College Application Essay” by Harry Bauld. I now have another book to recommend in The Basics for Writing College Application Essays.