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Finally, an admissions essay is not the place to list the people you know who are connected to a school (parent, alumni, board member, etc.). For the most part, admissions directors do not like the “powers that be” to dictate which students to accept, and that is the subtle message of a parent statement that name drops.

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Looking for a sample admission essay for boarding school applications?
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for a sample admission essay for boarding school applications?

You should ideally begin your boarding school search more than a year in advance of when you actually want to enroll. This should give you enough time to thoroughly research schools and arrive at well-informed decisions about where to apply; this also helps ensure that you have enough time to create a thoughtful application. Below is a sample calendar to help keep you on track.

If you're a little out-of-sync with the timeline below, don't be overly worried - this is only a rough guideline. While application and testing deadlines are key dates you'll need to follow, families differ in how long they need to explore and evaluate schools. If you're facing time-constraints (e.g., you're applying past the normal application deadlines) or are having difficulties with particular parts of this process (e.g., identifying appropriate schools to visit), consider obtaining the professional advice of an .

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Initial interview: In our first meeting, we help you and your child talk about the person he or she is and wants to be – strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, favorite hobbies and proudest moments. Together, we’ll define specific educational priorities and objectives, making sure we all agree on criteria that are appropriate and realistic. We’ll also discuss the admission process and the benefits of boarding schools generally.

Interview · Looking for a sample admission essay for boarding school applications?
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This section provides a glimpse into the boarding school admissions process. From how to apply to the 10 things you must not forget, our tips and resources can be a huge benefit to successfully navigating boarding school applications. Find answers to the most common questions, learn when it’s too late to apply and get familiar with the Boarding School Admission Application

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Boarding school visits are an integral part of the admissions process. Despite the rave reviews of friends, family and consultants, you and your child should scope out each school and use your own judgment to determine if he/she will be happy there. This section will help you compile a checklist of things to look for and questions to ask.

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If you know you’re applying to all boarding schools, head on over to The Association of Boarding Schools to access their common application. The forms in this secondary school application include a general information form, to be completed by you and your family; an application questionnaire for you the student to complete; and several teacher recommendation forms, which you need to give to your teachers. For tips on using the Boarding Schools Admission Application Form, .