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Their gracious Director of Admissions, Fred Baker, who reads every Hendrix essay–about 2000 a year–told me some things I knew, some things I was happy to hear, and a few things I wish I had known earlier. (Hendrix uses The Common Application) Fred said:

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In this article, I suggest methods for identifying the topic and writing the statement. As a former English teacher, I can tell you that reading numerous mediocre essays in a row is mind-numbing. College admissions officials have a lot of essays to read. The unexpectedly vibrant, authentic, one-of-a-kind personal statement shatters their monotony and immediately distinguishes the application. This can be yours.

The essay is part of the online application and is submitted online

We will consider all of your test scores along with the essays, recommendations, and other parts of the admissions application to evaluate your proficiency in English.

When you apply to college, you'll need to complete an essay as part of your application
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I'm applying to do a BFA degree in Graphic Design at an art college in NYC. For my application, I have to write an essay titled my Statement of Intent. Basically, I have to write why I want to study Graphic Design, and why I want to go specifically to their school.

I have some ideas, but frankly, I'm still having some difficulties putting it together. It has to be 500 words or less, and is due February 1st.

Some of my reasons include that I've always known that I wanted to study something with Art, and Graphic Design is a very versatile field that can feed into doing Advertising or Animation. Plus, I want to experience living away from my little island home of Barbados, and live in the 'Big Apple'. the School is supposed to be really good, and have lots of great career opportunities like internships at the end of my education there. My essay needs to be well written, and not boring - like, it should keep the reader's attention from the beginning.

Do you have any tips for me? Especially in the areas of organization and ways to make my essay 'exciting' and to capture the reader's attention?

Thank you!To start, your application essay probably won't be the thing that sways the admission committee. Most professional art schools and music colleges require evidence of your talent, skill, or ability. Thus, you should expect to provide that proof via an audition or a portfolio of your best work.

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If you do have some clue, then you need to write about what you consider to be valid points to support your application. There is no point whatsoever in getting other people to write your essay for you. Apart from anything else, it is pretty well guaranteed to result in you failing any subsequent interviews, since if you insert other people's ideas in your essay, this will be painfully evident to the interviewers.

Unless the course you are aiming for is an exception, there will be more candidates than places. It is not possible to wing an interview. Bear in mind most interview outcomes are decided within the first 10 seconds or so. Parroting other people's ideas will not give you that extra factor to make you noticeable to the inteviewers.

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When you apply to college, you’ll need to complete an essay as part of your application. This is a critical part of the application and your opportunity to show admission officers who you are. It also provides information about you that didn’t fit in other areas of your application. The essay also reveals what you can do when you have time to think and work on a writing project.