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Complete the APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship Application Form, which requires you to write an essay, and send it together with your general application documents.

Jan 9, 2014 - APU Application Essay 2

APU Application Essay 2 | arifoozan
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I'm in the Early Honors Program, which is where students can skip there senior year and take a full class schedule at APU and still graduate. I had to do an online application, essay, reccomendations, and interview, and then orientation. It was a long process, but it shows APU doesn't let just anyone in, like UAA. I reccomend other students get everything done early, and just be yourself at the interview.

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Students interested in an APU scholarship through the Career Stimulus program should go to for more information on the program and application procedures. Students will be required to write a 500-word essay describing their goals and why they want to obtain a degree. The deadline to apply for an APU scholarship is October 31, 2009. Scholarships will be announced in November 2009.

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Hi guy, I am preparing my application for APU. Can you help me with some scholarship essay tips? Have you received APU tuition scholarship? Please send me an email to . Thank you so much!!

I am applying for : q Spring 2012 q Fall 2012 q Spring 2013 ..

I am really impressed by your sense of answering the question. Its a excillent piece of Application essay I’d ever seen. Would you mind to help me in some questions because I am planning to apply to APU this year. email me if u are interested.

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